Black Swamp Driving Club Books – to check out contact Angela and I will bring them to a meeting for you.

Understanding Harness :::: Barb Lee
Instructional Guide to Driving Singles and Pairs ::: Clive Richardson
Horse Drawn Sleighs ::: Susan Green
Susan’s Supplement for Sleds, Sleighs and Sleighing ::: Susan Green
Conservation and Restoration of Hose Drawn Vehicles ::: CMA
Harnessing Up ::: Anne Norris and Nancy Pethick
Driving & Judging Dressage ::: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
Bending the Driving Horse ::: Muffy Seaton
Horse-Drawn Commercial Vehicles ::: Don H Berkebile
Hitch Wagons for City Driving ::: CMA
Carriage Terminology: An Historical Dictionary ::: Don H Berkebile
Two-Wheeled Vehicles For Equine :::CMA
Horse-Drawn Funeral Vehicles ::: CMA
Competition Carriage Driving ::: Duke of Edinburgh
Susan’s Superior Source for Stylish Tandems::: Susan Green
Horse-Drawn Ambulances ::: CMA
American Carriages, Sleighs, Sulkies, and Carts ::: Don H Berkebile
19th Century American Carriages, Their MFG, Decoration & Use::: Museums at Stony Brook
Mosemans Illustrated Catalog of Horse Furnishing & Goods ::: C M Moseman
Art of Driving ::: Max Pape
Tramps Mild-To-Wild Pinstriping Designs ::: John “Tramp” Warner
Elegant Carriage ::: Marylian Watney
Carriage Talk ::: Dave Quist
Carriages, A General Maintenance Book
Driving The Complete Riding & Driving System:  GNEF
On the Box Seat, A Manual of Driving::: Tom Ryder
Your First Pleasure Driving Show::: Susan Koso 
World on Wheels #1 ::: CAA
World on Wheels #2 ::: CAA
World on Wheels #4 ::: CAA
Discovering Horse-drawn Farm Machinery ::: Smith
Horse Drawn Vehicles Carriages and the Community ::: Thrasher Carriage Museum
A Drive Through Time: Carriages, Horses and History ::: Gloria Austin
A Collection of Essays On Horse-Drawn Carriages and Carriage Parts::: Dr. Gordon S Cantle
Midwest Tandem Driving Clinic ::: Mary Ruth Marks
Memories ___ Mostly Horsy ::: Tom Ryder
So You Want To Show Draft Horses ::: Draft Horse Journal
CAA Driver Proficiency Program Level 1
CAA Driver Proficiency Program Level 2
CAA Driver Proficiency Program Level 3
Encyclopaedia of Carriage Driving ::: Sallie Wilrond
Harness Racing Vehicles ::: Susan Green
Practical Carriage and Wagon Painting ::: M.C. Hillick
Antique Auto Body Decoration For the Restorer
Antique Auto BOdy Wood Work for the Restorer
Memories of the Buggy Days ::: Henry Meyer
History on the Road – Painted Carts of Sicily ::: Marcella Croce
The Gentle Giants – The Story of Draft Horses ::: Stanley M Jepsen
Glossary of Harness Parts and Related Terms ::: Gloria Austin
Discovering Horse-Drawn Carriages ::: D J Smith
Mr Rockefeller’s Roads – The Story Behind ACADIA’S Carriage Roads 
John Deere Buggies and Wagons ::: Ralph C Hughes
Donkey Driving ::: J A Allen
Retraining the Harness Racehorse ::: Robyn Cuffey
Farm Harness Decoration ::: Robert H Steinke
Discovering Carts and Wagons: John Vince
Fine Pleasure Vehicles – The Wal-Rike Pony Vehicle Company, St Paris, OH
Putting-To-A Pair::: Caroline Douglas
The Harness Horse::: Edward Hart
Carriages of the past: Victorian Postcards ::: Mario Broekhuis
The Driving Book :::Major H Faudel-Phillips
Working Horse Manual ::: Diana Zeuner
Art of Long Reining – An Instructional Treatise by Sylvia Stanier
Guide to Driving Horses ::: Sallie Walrond
Training The Buggy Horse and Training the Driver ::: Owen Brumbaugh
The Hub’s Vocabulary of Vehicles
APC Handbook Course Design –  Driving
Horse and Buggy Drivers Manual